Simcenter Prescan V2X plugin error after installing the Prescan

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This article shows how to delete V2X error message after installing the Prescan 2022.01


1. Summary

This article shows how to delete the error message after installing the Prescan.
The error is generated in Prescan 2022.01 version.

2. Detail

An user installed the Prescan 2022.01 on a device(PC) normally.
Pescan could be started and the user can create a new experiment.

However, an error message occurred when the user clicks ‘build’ button like below.

(The user cannot create and build the experiment anymore.)
The error message indicates ‘V2X Plug-in’ is the cause of the problem.
Even the user does not want to use the V2X Plug-in.


It is quite simple to remove the error.
We will turn off V2X plug-in activation

Please follow the steps as below.

Go to the Plugins tap -> Plugin Preferences

Click Plugins -> V2X Plugin 2.3.0

You can find the check box of Enabled is now activating.

3. Check off the Enablement box -> Click Apply and OK buttons is sequence.

Then finally you can find the build button is operated.

3. Conclusion 
I think this is kind of bug, and my solution can be a temporary solution.
If the user wants to use the V2X Plug-in, we need find another solution to resolve it.


KB Article ID# KB000053554_EN_US



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