Simcenter 3D Solutions How to consolidate all mesh parts ?

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This article show users how to consolidate all mesh parts from different collectors into one mesh part under the designated collector


Assume user wants to consolidate all mesh parts into one mesh part under the designated collector (for example, collector PSHELL 1004), here are the steps:

  1. Select tab Selection and then More (under group Action), select Select All to select all mesh parts
  1. Drag all selected mesh parts and drop to the collector PSHELL 1004

  1. Select either Keep settings or Apply Defaults for the Move Mesh Display Settings.  All mesh parts are now moved to the same collectors PSHELL 1004
  1. Reselect all mesh parts under the collectors PSHELL 1004 and then select Merge Meshes

All mesh parts are now consolidated to a single mesh part:

  1. Right click on all blank mesh collectors and select Delete if necessary


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