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This article explains how to change the language when using Simcenter STAR-CCM+ with CAD Client on a Windows system.


In general, Simcenter STAR-CCM+ is installed in the same language as that of the operating system on which it is installed. In the case of Windows operating system, enter the value of "locale" in the icon running STAR-CCM+ to change it to the desired language.
However, when using a design file by running STAR-CCM+ directly from NX, for example, through CAD Client add on, STAR-CCM+ does not work with the locale value set above.

Language setting when running STAR CCM+ using CAD Client can be solved by opening the file in the program installation path below with an editor and adding the locale value.

The environment setting file is located in the folder where STAR NX is installed.
If you installed STAR-CCM+16.06 STAR NX, the following STAR-CAD16.06.008 folder is created in the installation path.
There is a config.xml file in the folder. Open this file with an editor and add language setting related items.
If you want to use the English version, Add -locale en as shown in red text in the <SOLVER> part of the editor and save it.


A reference to the different languages is below:

English US: en:US
Japanese: ja
Chinese (simplified): zh
Russian: ru:RU
Korean: ko

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