Siemens Xcelerator Academy What is included in my free Siemens Xcelerator Academy academic account?

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The following article explains what is included within the free academic accounts within Siemens Xcelerator Academy.


Educational institutions with active Siemens Software licenses are granted access to Siemens Xcelerator Academy at no cost. 
  • Educator/Administration memberships - Educators and/or administrators can use this membership type to get acquainted with material within Siemens Xcelerator Academy to be able to provide guidance to their students. Note that additional administrator memberships are available upon request. The membership remains active as long as the academic institution maintains active Siemens licenses. 
  • Unlimited student/user memberships - Students and non-admin users are able to self-register for this membership with a code unique to each educational institution.
  • Both of these membership types have access to over 5,000 learning assets. Educator memberships also include group administration tools, though use of these tools is entirely optional and will not affect student access. 
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