Simcenter Cloud HPC How long does Simcenter Cloud HPC store my data?

Simcenter Cloud HPC



The storage for your simulation data is allocated per job and retained until you delete the job. You can download and delete the data at any time. Siemens does not delete your information on your behalf while you have an active subscription

Simcenter Cloud HPC  storage is not intended for archiving your data. You are advised to use Teamcenter Share for long-term data storage and collaboration.

Detailed Specifications
  • Storage
    • At launch, there is no limit on total data storage. (Subject to ongoing review)
    • Each individual job has a size limit of 1.2 Tb
  • Retention
    • Defined by the terms of the Universal Customer Agreement : the customer must be able to access their data for at least 30 days after the end of the subscription period.
    • For Credits, the subscription is one year from purchase.
  • Backup

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