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Part Family Members are by default not to be exported from TC. Exporting an assembly containing such part might raise some questions. Two possibilities to export part family member is by either turning off both options in its dedicated chapter within Customer Defaults or by setting the environment variable “UGII_UGMGR_ALLOW_PFM_IMPORT_EXPORT=1”.


  • Part Families Consist of Template Part (the “mother”) and the Part Family Member (the “child”).  Part families are most often used to create library of standard parts e.g. whose dimensions are to be parametrized and varied. It is recommended to include “template” in the name of the “mother”, so this can be easily recognized e.g. “bolt_M16_template.prt”. More information about Part Families can be found here.
  • In Assembly Navigator through the column Info, we can quickly see overview of part family members (pls. see below). Currently we don’t have such possibility within TC (rich client).

  • Part Family Members are by default read only, it can only be modified through the template.
  • The default settings in Customer Defaults do not allow Part Family Member to be exported.
    • Default settings in Customer Defaults:

  • One way to allow export of Part Family Member is by turning off both options in Customer Defaults.
This will prompt a question when exporting the part member to have user decides either to treat the member as lost or to “convert” it as a normal part.
In the exported assembly, it will then be shown as a normal part (no indication it was used to be a part family member).
It will become modifiable.

  • Another possibility to export Part Family Member is to set the environment variable “UGII_UGMGR_ALLOW_PFM_IMPORT_EXPORT=1”.

The difference to the previous method is that in the exported assembly, it will be exported as the original one. In assembly navigator part family member will be shown as such.
The part family member will also remain unmodifiable.
Setting this environment variable will take precedence and will overrule related settings in Customer Defaults.
More about export-import of part family member can be found here.

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