Kronos ccs receiver cap data missing in libext files for multi-bit flip-flops with characterization based on operation modes

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Customer has a custom characterization method for MultiBit-Flip-Flop that is based on operation-modes. They want to have conditional ccs-receiver-sections on input-pins. They want to have conditional ccs-receiver-sections on input-pins (these are the missing sections that klibwrite was reporting in this SR). These ccs-receiver sections are measured from NOEVENT (events where an input change leads to NO change on output). On PVT with ageing, they are used to NOT characterize power as BTI/HCI affects only timing, and so they add :no-power on the command line.


The customers' special configuration requires a special process.

Unfortunately, the customers cannot characterize their custom Multi-Bit Flip-Flops (MBFF) cells with :no-power.

As they characterize with the :no-top-simu option, nothing will be characterized on the top cell, all simulations will be run on operation-modes.

The first problem is due to the option :no-power added in command line.
It will remove characterization of operation-modes having power, but they are the only ones having NOEVENT.
So as a first step, they need to remove :no-power for all MBFF characterizations.

Then there is a second issue in the kchar.scm.
For all power operation-modes, they specify only intenergy as the type to consider while ccs-receiver-conditional is a capacitance, so, it is mandatory to add also capa types for power operation-modes like:

(power-d-0 "^D.0.[RF]_Q.0.*" (intenergy capa ccs-receiver ccs-receiver-c1 ccs-receiver-c2) (

They need to re-elaborate with the updated kchar.scm .

Finally, they have a custom template named template-lvf-all-pgpins-multipower.stf, but it is wrong as it refers some arc names in ccs-receiver-sections for pins that don't exist.

With the 3 changes below, klibwrite does not issue any error:

  1. update of kchar.scm and re-elaboration
  2. removal of option :no-power in command-line
  3. update of their custom template-lvf-all-pgpins-multipower.stf file<


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