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This FAQ indicates how we can create CANoe FMU for Prescan.


1. Summ ary
As the demand of HIL  including ECU in the Loop System(EILS) became increased, co-simulation with CAN will be more important. 
In order to connect ECU with Prescan, we need to use CAN device such as CANoe and CANalyzer. 

This article focuses on CANoe FMU and EILS.

2. De tail

The user can make a connection (Prescan <-> CAN (ECU)) directly. 
However, it is very sensitive to security because it has to expose the CAN port. 

Due to this reason, we can use CANoe FMU like this connection (Prescan <-> FMU <-> CANoe)

Especially, the user is now using the CANoe device(VT system provided by Vector) separately. 


The following steps explain how you can export and import the FMU by CANoe
  1. You can see a pop-up window when you click the export button in CANoe.

Because the FMI environment of SIMULINK for Prescan is FMI 2.0, you need to change the FMI version 1.0 to 2.0.

     2. After finishing exporting the FMU to your desktop, you need to import the FMU in the SIMULINK.
2-a Searching FMU block in SIMULINK block library

2-b Double click the FMU block and find a file what you want to import from your desktop.

Even if you completed the process above, you may have an error message.

The error message means that the FMU block cannot communicate with prescan by CAN.

As I mentioned first, in this case the user is using the separated CAN device which is VT system provided by Vector. Therefore, you should enter the IP address of the CAN device in the FMU block.

when you double click the FMU block that you created you can see CAN device name if it has a unique IP. Please enter the IP address in the value tap.

3. Conclusion 
If you finish the whole process, you can see that the FMU block can work with CAN device in SIMULINK environment.

I hope this article can hep you well. 

Thank you.


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