Simcenter 3D Solutions Cannot Choose Viewport for Plotting Results

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Users may find that they are not prompted to choose where to plot results and results will automatically be plotted in the existing viewport or in a new window. Setting the Target Graphic Window in Function Plot Preferences should resolve this issue.


When plotting results from the XY Results View section, users are not given the option to choose a viewport and the result is automatically plotted either in the existing viewport or in a new window. In this case, the following Viewport dialog does not appear after selecting “Plot” on a variable from the XY Result View.
There is a setting that is likely causing this issue. Go to File->Preferences->Function Plot to open the Function Plot Preferences dialog. Ensure that the first option called “Target Graphic Window” is set to “Both Windows Allowed”.
The viewport prompt should now appear after plotting a motion results from the XY Results View section.

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