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Creating trajectory network using GPS data


This article describes a different method of Trajectory creation besides the free path or inherited path creation.
The GPS data must be available in .txt format illustrated in the following document. There are 5 columns in the following data structure:
Time Latitude longitude altitude heading or without the heading. The units used are seconds, degrees, and meters.

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Because of the logged time, it will not only create the actual driven path. It also has the speed information, so it will be the Trajectory containing the speed profile.

Before importing it is needed to set the origin of the Prescan environment. The default is 0,0,0. It needs to be changed to the GPS location around where the data was recorded, else it will give an error or the track in the GUI will be set hundreds or thousands of kilometers away. Open the GUI, navigate to "General Settings" and click on "Global Placement". Here you need to set the GPS coordinates to the recorded location data. Or you can do it with the window in the next step. There you can set the origin automatically.

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With this information you start the GUI and click on File and on "Import". Many import options for roads or networks are shown. In this case click on import "GPS Track" and then choose your text file. A window will pop up for the import.

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In here you have three possibilities to import your data file. Only the path, only speed profile or the trajectory (path + speed profile). As mentioned before here you can also set the origin of the GUI automatically, if it does not work you can do it manually in general settings.

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