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A license is blocked after a crash coming for example from a VPN session interrupted, network breakdown, or else. It needs to be released such as you can continue working. You can prevent potential long time wait by setting a reduced timeout via TIMEOUTALL.


As an end user of Simcenter 3D, or NX and there was a crash of your system or network. Then, when restarting the application, an error occurs because the license is blocked. The license can be released by your System Administrator. It happens that the person in charge is not available due to other priorities, or out of the office hours. This situation often occurs to users when working out of the office, from home, or in a business trip.
There is a simple solution that is for your System Administrator to set a reduced timeout such as to automatically release the license within a short time, and limiting the end user waiting time. 

Set timeout values in options file. Easiest way to do this is:
- create a text file ugslmd.opt and store in the same directory as where the license file resides
- put a single line in this text file 
- this will cause licenses to be returned 900 seconds after a program crashes. 
- you can reduce this value further, although reducing it too much could mean your running program looses the checked out licenses without wanting it and this can cause computations to be aborted.
- in the log file you should see a line like this to confirm the setting is applied:
   16:54:48 (ugslmd) ALL FEATURES: INACTIVITY TIMEOUT set to 900 seconds

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