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The article walks through the source and solution of a common error when creating a discrete drivetrain element. This error says "A Motion object already exists with this name" and occurs when trying to hit OK on the element dialog.


When creating a discrete drivetrain element, an error appears when trying to hit the “OK” or “Apply” buttons that says, “A Motion object already exists with this name”. This can occur even if the discrete drivetrain element has a unique name.

The discrete drivetrain element contains multiple motion objects that must all have unique names. There are two opportunities in the discrete drivetrain element creation to create additional motion objects that can have conflicting names. The first is in the Layout Elements section when naming the individual layout elements. Although these are required to be associated with a motion body, it is important to give these elements a unique name.

The second common source of this error is in the Replicating Element section. Ensure that each replicating element that is defined does not share a name with any other motion object. (NOTE: the names here are NOT case sensitive).

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