Simcenter 3D Solutions Simcenter 3D Motion: How to plot and animate Flexible Bodies without the Motion movements

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Few clicks to post-process contour plot results and relative deformation of Flexible Bodies without displaying your full system. Simply expand a post view under the Solution Animations node, select the Flexible Body and MB3/Quick View


This video with captions presents a simple workflow for post processing flexible bodies results without motion movements. There are 3 flexible bodies in the mechanism of the demonstration model. Local Flexible bodies results display in 2 different views with the full mechanism in a 3rd view. Playing the animation is synchronizing all views result displays. 
Content of the movie below:
- Contour plot of 2 Flexible Bodies in 2 different views; animate in synch
- Review their local deformations
- Contour plot settings for both and for each
- Apply Post-processing templates
- Stress plots for reviewing the strength

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