Teamcenter Share Project created with Desktop Connector does not appear in the Teamcenter Share “Home” view.

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When adding a Folder to the “Connector” folder on a windows PC, the resulting folder becomes a “Project” within the Teamcenter Share Web Client, however it is not visible in the Teamcenter Share “Home” page.


The Teamcenter Share Connector allows you to manage and sync files and folders between your Windows PC and the Teamcenter Share Web Client. When managing files and folders on a local PC drive; adding a folder to the “Connector” folder results in a Project being created in Teamcenter Share. Viewing projects within Teamcenter Share “Home” page view shows only the recently viewed Projects (but does not show projects that have not yet been viewed).
  1. Open Teamcenter Share and select “Projects”
  2. Open the project you created by syncing in the Connector
  3. Switch to “Home” view and you should now see the new Project
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