PADS Professional Why am I unable to sign into my SaaS application after the initial purchase order or contract?

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This article explains basic troubleshooting steps for accessing your SaaS application.


SaaS applications use Siemens Webkey for account authentication. The initial access to your SaaS application is granted by your account Admin.

Troubleshooting Steps:
  1. Verify your browser allows cookies which keep track of user sign-in and will deny access to browsers that don’t allow cookies.
  2. If you are an account Admin:
  • Check your email for your Onboarding/Webkey information and follow all instructions.
  • If you have verified the Webkey login, contact Siemens Support for help with your Webkey account.
  1. If you are a Member the Administrator must configure access rights for you to access content:
  • Contact the SaaS application Admin to confirm that you have access to the Account
  • If you have verified the Webkey login, contact support for help with your Webkey account.

If you have any questions or issues not addressed by this article, please work with the Support Engineer assigned to your Support Case – or if you have not yet reached out to our Technical Support team you can do so via Siemens Software Support Center: Open a Support Case.

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