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This article explains why files may appear to be missing in a SaaS application.


SaaS applications allow Projects to be shared, which includes the ability for other users to edit and delete files within the project. Since all files associated with the assembly file (i.e. ASM) must be uploaded in order to View & Markup, if a file is missing it will need to be located and uploaded.

Scenario 1: If files are missing within the Project, contact the Members that have “Edit & Download” access level to identify and locate the missing file.
Scenario 2: If there are missing files in the View and Markup use the following steps to locate and upload those files:
  1. In Project view, choose “View & Markup”
  2. Within the View & Markup screen, Navigate to the “Pathfinder” display (in the upper right of the screen). Make note of any file names with a red “?” icon.
  1. Close the Markup view and select “Upload” in the Project view.
  2. Locate the missing file(s) and upload them to the Project.
  3. Choose “View and Markup” for the CAD assembly again and select “Update” when the Markup view appears. 

For some complex CAD files it may be necessary to re-upload the entire collection of associated files. If this is required, make sure that all the files associated with the CAD file are present and contained within the same folder.
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