Opcenter APS How does Simcenter X handle ITAR and export-controlled data?

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This article explains whether the SaaS application is ITAR/export control compliant or not.


Simcenter X is not suitable for customers working with ITAR-controlled data. ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) is a set of United States regulations that govern the data lifecycle associated with defense and space-related activities.

It is crucial to understand that ITAR compliance pertains to the handling and storing of the data itself, not the software used to generate the data. No SaaS application, including Simcenter X, can be ITAR compliant on its own. The key consideration is whether a customer can use Simcenter X to generate data that must be ITAR controlled.

Simcenter X cannot be used to generate ITAR-controlled data. According to ITAR regulations, simulation data can only be ITAR-controlled if generated and immediately removed from a non-controlled site. Simcenter X operates on a cloud-based system where simulation data persists in cloud storage. This persistence means that data generated on Simcenter X cannot be immediately removed, violating ITAR regulations.

In summary, if your work involves ITAR-controlled data, Simcenter X is unsuitable for running simulations or generating such data due to its reliance on cloud storage.

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