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Use the Free Body Results command to display the total forces and moments for a specified interface summed about a specified reference node or a point in space.


  • To use the free Body Result command in post-processing, you must archive Grid point forces and moments before launch the analysis:image.pngimage.png
  • In the Post Navigator, select any result in the graphical window
  • Use the "Free Body Results..." command to perform the effort balance. It can be accessed by right-clicking on "Post View":
  • Select the elements on which you want to calculate the force balance:image.png
  • Select the nodes on which you want to calculate the force balance:image.png
  • Add a node for the calculation of moments and the location of the result:
  • You can display the results with respect to the global coordinate system or another selected coordinate system:                                                                      image.png
  • Add the export of the result in a Windows window:   image.png
  • Click on "Apply"
  • The result is displayed in the graphical window:image.png

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