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This describes how you can save elements in the GUI and reuse them. For example a complex configured Sensor or a complete scene network.


This article describes a short but handy feature of Prescan.

In Prescan you have a feature which allows you to group elements in an experiment and save that group as a “construction” together as one object.
This can be useful, when you have many things you want to configure and reuse many times in other experiments or in the same. For example, you want to use a configured Radar or a street network or a building network.

See the example of the picture below. You must mark all objects you want to export together. For example, with control and left mouse clicking each object. In this case we have a group of trees.
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After marking them, you need to click on “File” in the GUI and then on export-> Prescan objects. You can now save this group and recall it as many times you want. For using them you go to "File" and import->Prescan objects.

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