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Welcome to Teamcenter Share – in the following sections we provide the key steps you will need to get started using the file sharing and collaboration capabilities.


You want to create your own project (member) OR you are invited to view a project (guest)
  • If you want to create your own project, you must be assigned a member license in Admin Console (by your Account's Admin) before you log into Teamcenter Share. This is complete if you have received a welcome email from Teamcenter Share. If not, reach out to your Admin or follow the instructions from the guide Xcelerator Cloud Account and Licensing Activation to activate your Account in Admin Console.
  • If you receive an invitation email from Teamcenter Share for viewing a project, please click “sign in” to log into Teamcenter Share with your Siemens account. If you don’t have one, register an account at first.

Siemens Digital Industries Software Account
Authentication to many Siemens Digital Industries Software products and services, including Support Center, is through what we refer to as a Webkey account. 

Existing users who are renewing their subscription with the new Teamcenter Share functionality will likely have this account already created.  When you are asked to Sign In to Siemens Xcelerator Admin Console or Teamcenter Share with your “Siemens Account” it is this Webkey account, not something new.  Your access to the Siemens Xcelerator Admin Console will be tied to this account.

If you are a new user of Siemens Digital Industries Software products and services, you will need to create a new account, click the Sign In button and then follow the “create account” link at the top.

Software Versions
To use the new Teamcenter Share functionality, your desktop software must be at the minimum version level(s) listed, or a more recent release of that product. In the table below you can look up your product(s) to see if any updates are required to your local environment.
ProductSoftware Version
Capital2020.1 SP2108
Opcenter APS 18.6
Opcenter Ex Core8.7
Opcenter Ex Discrete4.3
Opcenter Ex Electronics8.7
Opcenter Ex Foundation8.7
Opcenter Ex Medical Devices and Diagnostics8.7
Opcenter Ex Process4
Opcenter Quality2212
Opcenter Ex Semiconductor 8.7
Opcenter RD&L2204
PADS Pro2.10
Plant Simulation16.x
PolarionALM 21 R2
Process Simulate16 (also support 15 in maintenance)
Simcenter 3D2021.2
Simcenter Amesim2021.1.1
Simcenter Femap2301
Simcenter FLOEFD2205
Simcenter Flomaster2021.2
Simcenter Flotherm2021.2
Simcenter HEEDS2201
Simcenter Prescan2021
Simcenter STAR-CCM+2021.2
Simcenter Studio 
Simcenter System Analyst2210
Simcenter System Architect22010
Simcenter Testing Solutions - Testlab2206
Simcenter Webapp Server2210
Solid EdgeSolid Edge 2022
Solid Edge Wiring and Harness Design2021 SP2108
TeamcenterTC- & AW-5.2.4
Teamcenter ManufacturingTC- & AW-5.2.4
Teamcenter Product Cost Management9.3 Patch 2
Teamcenter VisualizationTeamcenter Visualization Version
Valor-Process PrepvPP 12.11
VeSys2020.1 SP2108
Xpedition/PADs ProVX.2.10

Specific Software Configurations
With some products, there is an additional configuration step needed in addition to the software version updates above.  This will not be required for all products, but if your software is listed below, you can find more details in the linked article.  Note that these product specific articles require Sign In to Support Center using your Siemens Account (Webkey Account).
ProductConfiguration Article
Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 

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