Simcenter STAR-CCM+ How to calculate a series of cross-sectional averages along an axial direction

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Collect internal flow data averaged over a cross-sectional plane and plot the values in an XY plot for comparison


Calculating cross sectional averages in STAR-CCM+ is achieved by combining a report and a surface plane derived part. However, extracting a series of cross-sectional data along an axial direction is a time-consuming manual process. This article describes an automated process of extracting a sweep of averaged data along a single direction using a Java macro.
Step 1) The beginning of the attached Java macro,,  contains lines for user manipulation. The user can specify:
Line 49: What direction is the desired sweep direction?
Line 52 & 55: What is the range of the domain in the desired direction; min and max?
Line 58: How many slices to create within the region?
Line 61: What flow property to extract and plot?
Line 64: What is the name of the physics continua?
Modify these fields to correspond with the domain(s) of interest, as well as the appropriate continua and flow properties.
Step 2) The Java macro will output a .csv file with all of the averaged report results in the session directory with a name corresponding to the flow property. See Line 134.

Step 3) To change the type of report that is being created, find and replace the current report type with the desired type. The current report type is MassFlowAverageReport.
Some examples are:

Once the indicated lines are modified, the Java macro will then automatically create a derived surface, report, xy plot, and table of results that span a specified range. The macro will loop through the number of cross sections you specify and record the report results in an external csv table. Finally the table will be loaded into STAR-CCM+ and displayed in a plot like the one below.  Uncooled-steady_Sweeping_Mass_Ave_Temperature_Plot_2.png

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