Simcenter STAR-CCM+ How can I use Design Manager Surrogates to create a Reduced Order Model of my Amesim Component?

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From Simcenter STAR-CCM+ version 2021.2 Surrogates can be used to generate a FMU which can be imported into Simcenter Amesim.


From Simcenter STAR-CCM+  version 2021.2 Surrogates can be used to generate a FMU which can be imported into Simcenter Amesim.  The following example takes the check valve demo (found in the tutorials STAR-CCM+ documentation) and shows the steps required to generate a Response Surface Surrogate. 

Note there is a requirement for an “innovatesuite” license to create a Surrogate in Design Manager, please check you have this license before attempting to create Surrogates as FMUs.

Firstly, as the Demo is setup for a transient co-simulation several changes are required to convert the STAR-CCM+ sim file into a steady state Design Manager Study.   The sim file is attached so you can see the steps undertaken.

The design manager study must cover the area of interest of the Amesim Model and the greater the number of study points will increase the fidelity.    In the Amesim Demo the Inlet pressure increases from 1 to 10 bar and the maximum valve lift is 0.01021m.

In this example the Design Manager Input Parameters were Inlet Pressure ranging from 1bar to 10bar at 1bar intervals and Valve Lift of 0 to 0.012m at intervals of 0.0024m. This gives 60 design points in total.

The Responses of the design study are Mass flow at the Outlet and Force on the Valve.
Once the study is complete you can create your surrogates, one for each output.
Compute All Surrogates, check the accuracy and export to FMU.

Now when in Amesim, you need to use the FMU import Assistant to import your FMU. 

The TCP co-simulation goes from the following:
To a model containing an FMU from a Design Manager Surrogate.


Run the Amesim model and analyze the results.

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