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If you need a maximum value out of multiple signals of similar nature, this article provides a method to extract it.


Let us for example look at modeling a coolant flow passage with a single flow source connected to multiple thermal masses to extract heat from them. You need the maximum temperature out of all these thermal masses and you want to use it to control the coolant flow.  

This article shows you how to extract the maximum temperature out of these thermal masses. For this example, let us look at 3 thermal masses with temperatures of 10 C, 20C and 30C respectively. They have the temperature sensor associated with each of them which measure their temperature at all times.


We now use the dynamic mux component(DYNMUX2-1) to gather all the signals and then feed it to the dynamic expression(DYNFUNC00-1) (both from signal control library) as shown below:


Then you can set the expression of the function in the "parameter" mode to max(x1,x2,x3) where x1,x2 and x3 are inputs i.e. temperatures in this case.

Once you run the simulation, you can see the output of the function to be the maximum temperature which can used to control the flow-rate of the coolant.


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