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Have the Mechatronics coupling applied as well in the previous step and set LMSMOTFORCEINTRST=TRUE. This will avoid the issue where the BDF solver (implicit) could not converge at the specified time. Check if there is a discontinuous event.


The mechatronics load and coupling must remain in the previous step and it should be applied progressively to the mechanism.
The following error may occur that you want to avoid:

Motion Solver Error in DASSL TOUT is too close to T to start integration

Error in DASSL: the BDF (implicit) solver could not converge at the specified time. Usually, this means there is a spike in a force, or a discontinuous event, or driver with linear interpolation, or a switch expression, or control logic.

In particular when solving a coupled system with mechatronics in Amesim, or control logic in Simulink; there is a tiny epsilon error in the communication time (Time + communication interval) that may cumulate after several steps.
Set LMSMOTFORCEINTRST=TRUE will check if the error occurs within 1E-8 sec tolerance. If error, the time is corrected and an internal restart is performed such as the solvers times are synched up.

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