Simcenter Prescan How to assign a 3-D viewer for newer Simcenter Prescan versions

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This article describes how to be able to use a 3D viewer for newer Prescan versions. Since it is not anymore directly available to replay the experiment.


How to assign a 3-D viewer for newer Simcenter Prescan versions

Starting from PreScan version 2020.1, you cannot use the 3d viewer in the GUI for playing the PreScan experiment. This will also not work while starting simulation from Simulink. In the older versions it would pop up automatically.
In this case you need to use a remote viewer federate system and assign a camera view to it. This will be shown in the following. After that you will get a pop up and you will see the car driving along your trajectory. Note that the replay in the GUI itself will not be possible anymore (only static view of the scene is possible).

Navigate to the Viewer Assignment. In the GUI click on Experiment-> Viewer Assignment. A window will pop up for setting it up. Click on add assignment and then you will see some fields for settings will come up. Click on the arrow of the field Camera ID and you can select the Preset – Free Roam View. For the rest you have fields for additional settings. You can also use any camera and assign it for other purposes.

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Another possibility is that you can add the “World viewer Unreal”, which is based on the new Unreal graphic engine with better quality. This, you will find under the tab of the Sensors under Viewers. Below is a screenshot of the Setting possibilities.

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