Simcenter Amesim Installation of Simcenter AMESim & RLM license configuration on Window 10 machine

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The window is the operating system, which is widely used in the industry due to its simplicity. Installation of AMESim is quite simple and it is working in the same way as it works on the Linux machine. This article will help you to understand “How to install the AMESim on the Window machine and how to configure the node-locked license? Please check the video for more details.
  1. AMESim Setup – You can download the AMESim from our support portal. Setup files are the same for the window and Linux machines. Please check “How to download the set-up files from the support portal ?” This video contains information about software downloads.
  2. If you want to use a c++ or intel compiler, then it should be installed separately.
  3. GNU GCC compiler will be installed with AMESim automatically.
Steps to install
  • Download the AMESim setup files from the support portal. Setup files generally consist of two DVDs. You should install both DVDs for the seamless working of the software.
    • DVD1 – Software installation files
    • DVD2 – Demo and help file
  • Mount DVD1. Open the DVD1 and open the installation manual.
  • Go to the “Hardware and software requirements” section to know about the minimum system requirements.
  • Right click on DVD1, and then click on “Mount
  • Now DVD 1 will get open in the new terminal
  • Run Setup_win.bat
  • Follow the instruction given on each interactive screen. You can also visit the “The Interactive installation Procedure” section from the installation manual.
  • Use the activation key during installation, which you received from Siemens.
  • Wait till DVD 1 installation completes
  • Eject DVD 1 and mount DVD 02 with the mount tool.
  • Follow the same method to install DVD 2. Please note that you will not able to access the help file and Demos if you will not install DVD 2.
  • Once, installation complete, then the “AME” variable will be automatically get created. The value of the “AME” variable should be till the “AMESim” folder inside your installation folder.
Here, we will only see “How to configure the “Node-locked” license. Click here, if you wanted to configure the floating license on the server and the client machine.
  1. License server Set up file can be located in DVD 01 on the path “\data\LicensingTools\install
  2. Run .exe file and install the RLM license server. In case, if, installation is failed, then, try with the .msi file.
  3. If the installation fails in both cases, then click here to raise the support case.
  4. Rename the license file to LMS.lic (It is not really required, but this will help to simplify the name of the license file)  and Copy this file at any location, where you want to be.
  5. Create Environmental variable LMS_LICENSE=Path of license file/LMS.lic
  6. Now, in the web browser, type link http://localhost:5054/home.asp It should open the below page.
  7. The login name is “admin” and there is no password. We suggest to you change the password after the first login to avoid security issues. Click on status. It will show the status of the server if, it is running.
  • You can shutdown the server by clicking shutdown and to Reread/Restart, you can click on Reread/restart button.

If, you are still not able to access the license by the above method, then, generate the diagnosis report and send it to our support engineer by raising the support case at this link . Please follow the below process to generate a diagnostic report.
Generate rlmdiag.txt file on server machine-
  • It will generate the rlmdiag.txt file at the path given at the output location.
  • Send the rlmdiag.txt” file to me.
 Generate RLMLOG.txt file on server machine-
  • Click on the Status tab on the left side. It will open the main server page. On the right side, you will see the path for the debug file log. Here, you can see the “RLMLOG.txt” file.
 System Info Snap of server machine-
  • Please also click on System Info Tab and send me the snap of the right side window.

The below articles can also help in the installation process. Please visit the below VIDEO articles.

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If you still need support or clarification, then click here to raise the case on the support portal.

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