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Sometimes users wanted to run the model in the same version in which he has originally build and tested. We at Siemens are continuously working on the improvement in software. Due to this, we are launching 2 versions of the software every year. If the user wanted to run the different models in different versions, then, this article will help the user to install multiple versions of AMESim and will help to launch the targeted version of AMESim.
How is this method working?
Your system environment is playing a very important role in running your tool smoothly. If there will be some issue in the system environment, then you may face the issue while using the tool. In this environment, we will add in the script and we will use that batch script to launch the different versions of AMESim.
About Script
  • Download the script first. Click here to download the script.
  • REM at the start of each line will convert the line to the statements. If you want to execute the particular line, then, remove REM from that line.
  • In this script, you will have to only change the value of the AME variable on line 23. If you are using this script to launch 2019.1, then, you can change the AME variable to the 2019.1 version.
  • Using this script, you can also access the license. However, if you want to access the default license set via the LMS_LICENSE variable, then do not change anything here.
  • Let us say, you want to run 2019.1 by accessing the license from host “server01” (RLM license), then you will have to activate line 41. Here you can write
    set LMS_LICENSE=5053@server01.
  • Save this file at the required location.
  • Make another copy of this file and change the AME variable value as mentioned above. This file can be used to launch the AMESim version mention on the AME line in this newly copied file.
  • Make the copies and do the required changes for different versions. The number of copies will be equal to the number of installed versions on your machine.
  • You can double-click on the respective file to launch the AMESim version.
  • You can copy multiple shortcuts on the desktop.
  • Copy Simcenter AMESim shortcut on the desktop.
  • Right-click on this icon and click on the properties
  • Give the target path of the respective version batch script. Now clicking on this shortcut will open the required version.
  • You can follow a similar process to configure different versions
CLICK HERE to download the script to configure your AMESim

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