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This document explains you how to request the new Google Map display enhancement for Simcenter Testlab and Simcenter Testlab Neo version 2021.1


Dear Customer,

We are glad to inform you that, with Simcenter Testlab and Simcenter Testlab Neo versions 2021.1, we have included an important enhancement on the display of your GPS data acquisition.

The new Map display correlates the test environment and the test results via the mapping of the GPS data in Google Maps. An Internet connection is needed to retrieve the map data and it is possible to present the Map display in a map, terrain or satellite view. For more information on this feature please check, on Support Center, the Release Notes of Simcenter Testlab 2021.1.

To make use of the Google Map display functionality you need to request a separate license (TL-MAP-0001) which is free of charge. Please get in contact with your Siemens Sales representative and, once you have the additional free license, you can contact us via Support Center to receive the Google Map plug in.

Please note that the availability of the Google Map plug in is subjected to geographical limitations.

Google Map display

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