Simcenter Amesim In Simcenter Amesim's CAD Import tool, which CAD formats are supported?

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This article describes, supported CAD formats and new feature from Simcenter Amesim 2020.1 onwards.


Simcenter Amesim's CAD Import tool supports Parasolid and STEP formats in its standard installation. 
But from Simcenter Amesim 2020.1 you can use CAD Formats extension for CAD Import and import native CAD format from CAD software used in your company. This extension translates CAD geomtry to Siemens Parasolid topology. Using this extension following additional CAD formats are supported:
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This also provides additional geometry optimization options while import CAD in CAD Import tool:
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You can easily see difference when it comes to simplifying geometry:

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This using this option extended CAD formats from all major CAD software are supported. You can directly use CAD files built with your favorite CAD software without using any intermediate files. You can retrieve correct measurement independent of native CAD software and get same CAD conversion at the import in each software in our product portfolio.
Please get in touch with your Simcenter Amesim support team if you need more information.


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