Simcenter Prescan installing licenses from PreScan 2020.2 to present versions

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This article describes the process of installing licenses from PreScan 2020.2 to present versions


After installation of PreScan you need the following steps to install the license:

You need to use the “SPLMLicenseServer_v11.0.0_win_setup.exe” for license installation. This you will find in the following path if PreScan is installed in the C:/ drive: “C:\Program Files\Simcenter Prescan\Prescan_2020.4\Licensing\server_installations\windows”. If you have linux you will find it in the similar path but in the folder “Linux”.
You need to start the tool for installation. In this you just need to follow the steps until you need to choose your license file, which you received. In this case, if you receive a text file which makes problems, you can change the extension from .txt to .lic.

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After this procedure, the license will be installed and all settings set up for running PreScan. You will find a folder in “C:\Program Files\Siemens\PLMLicenseServer”. In this folder you find the installed license, the licensing tool “LM tools” and more information regarding licensing.
The last step is to check if the Service in Windows, which is automatically created is running in Windows Services console. You can access this via the Task Manager or just typing in the Windows search “Services”. There you will need to find the Service “Siemens PLM License Server”. If it is running you can start PreScan, else restart it to make it run. When it is running you can start PreScan.

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