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This article describes a simple example on how to import new 3-D Model into the PreScan Library to use it in the simulation.


This article describes a simple example on how to import new 3-D Model into the PreScan Library to use it in the simulation.
To start you need to search for “Model Preparation Tool” in the Windows search field (MPT). This is a separate program which is installed automatically parallel to PreScan.

Next step is to download a 3D model with the extension format .dae or mentioned below. If you have a different format you need to transform that into the following formats:

You can use Blender or sketchup free for editing the model or transformation.
Below you see the view of the MPT program. You need to click on File-> New. After this you see the Import 3D Model box where you select your .dae model file. When you do so you can change the origin and CoG of the model and click “ok”.

 User-added image

On the right-hand side, you can choose properties and naming for the model. For this simple tutorial we need only Canvas Data. In the first block “Editor data” you can determine under which tab in the PreScan GUI library you will have this new model included. Secondly you can name it as you wish. For the other options besides “Canvas Data” you need to have a model which has several parts like joints to use it. This you need to model/create with the 3D model software mentioned above, also changing size and coloring. Lights you can add to the object. Coloring works when your model has a color definition.

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The next step is to save the model in the correct folder to “import” it into the Prescan GUI. Click on File and save, while the path where to save is the following, when you have your Prescan installation on the C: Drive:
Now you can open PreScan and check the library side and drag and drop the model for testing, see below. In this case the name of the Model is “MenuName” under the tab Underlays. You can use it now as an actor putting it on a path.
Note: Depending on how the model was prepared from the Creator, when putting it on a path the orientation of the model can be incorrect. In PreScan model the x-coordinate is in driving direction. In this case you need to change the 3D model coordinate system in the 3D modelling program before importing in PreScan.

 User-added image User-added image

As mentioned in the beginning this is a simple method to import a 3-D model. This tool has a lot more possibilities to import model with joints for example vehicles with different degree of freedom like cars suspension and other moveable parts. For more detailed information and instruction to use the MPT investigate the PreScan Manual.

For a different way to import 3D model, search also for “Import 3D model via ULE Wizard” (older tool, which is integrated in the Prescan GUI).

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