Simcenter STAR-CCM+ How to export a simulation template using Submodel Contract in Simcenter System Architect?

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Workflow for exporting/sharing simulation templates using the Submodel Contract feature


You need to have first a library with the simulation template, that you would like to export using the Submodel Contract feature.  Then after opening the desired simulation template in a new tab, you will see on the top menu an option to create a new Submodel Contract.
A window will pop-up where you can give a name and description for your Submodel Contract and choose in which library, you would like to store it.

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Afterwards the library will be open, and you will see a new entry on it called Submodel Contracts. There, you will find all your defined Submodel Contracts. After opening one of them you will find on the top an option to share/export your simulation template outside the Simcenter System Architect environment.
After clicking on sharing you will have to provide one folder location, where you would like to export the simulation template and after executing this action, a new file with previously defined Submodel Contract’s name and with extension .syssmc will be created in that location.

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Finally this .syssmc can be imported in Simcenter Amesim, MATLAB/Simulink or via FMI interface in other system simulation tools using dedicated Apps.  
In the related knowledge base articles, you will find examples about how to import your .syssmc files using the different Apps.  


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