Simcenter Amesim What is Submodel Contract and what is used for?

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The Submodel Contract feature allows you to use the model templates created directly in Simcenter System Architect within Simcenter Amesim, Matlab/Simulink or in combination with other tool using the FMI interface.


The Submodel Contract feature enables you to use the simulation templates created in Simcenter System Architecture inside other system simulation tools.

When you create in Simcenter System Architect new simulation templates from the scratch (top-down workflow) then afterwards you will need to fill these templates with behavior models coming from a system simulation tools.
In this context, you can use the Submodel Contract feature to export the simulation templates as .syssmc files outside Simcenter System Architect working environment, sharing them through dedicated Apps with Simcenter Amesim, MATLAB/Simulink or with other system simulation tools via FMU Models, where you can use this framework template to embedded your behaviors models linking your parameters, variables and ports with your templates.

Finally, you can reintegrate your newly created instrumented models into Simcenter System Architecture in order to continue with the creation of your configured architectures.

In the related knowledge base articles, you will find examples about the different workflows to share and reintegrate these templates using the Submodel Contract feature.

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