Simcenter Prescan Visviewer crashes during compiling in GUI or Simulation

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This article shows how to solve problems regarding the 3-D Viewer.


Visviewer crashes during compiling in GUI or Simulation
When you have the problem that the PreScan Viewer crashes during Simulation or when compiling in the GUI, it is very likely that you have default/wrong settings in your Graphic Cards.
Note: For PreScan it is recommended to use Nvidia and AMD Graphics. Most likely from Gaming Graphics Card Family.  You will find many examples of tested Graphic Card models in the PreScan Documentation.
The following illustrates the important settings for Nvidia Cards:

User-added image
User-added image

The image Settings should be on the side of Performance. This depends on the power of the Graphic cards. Secondly important is the preferred Graphic processor which should be selected as “Nvidia Graphic Processor”. If this is by default on “Auto-Select” PreScan might use the internal Intel Graphic card, which will end in a crash or very bad Graphic quality. Antialiasing should be off.

Note: Using integrated Intel Graphic Cards are not recommended. Due to the low quality it might result the same Visviewer crash or in just very poor quality in Graphics.


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