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Use the Properties pane in order to add additional information to your model/components. This information can be accessible afterwards by other tools (e.g. pictures can be used in Simcenter Webapp Server to have a preview image of the model) or can be used to give additional information to the final consumers of the model.


The Properties function allows you to attach various types of information to a model or to individual components within that model. This can be, for example, useful information about the model (or component) such as a creation date or a specifications file, or it could be an image, simple text, a number.

The Properties pane is hidden by default, you can activate it from Edit > Show / Hide > Model Properties menu:

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Properties can be assigned to the whole model or to specific components/supercomponents inside the model. In order to add a new property, you just need to click into the “+” icon and select the type of property you want to define:

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Here a short summary of all available properties:
- Group: You can create a group o sub-groups inside a group.
- Number: A simple numerical value.
- Simple text: This is a text field, where you can enter a string.
- Rich text: You can use this property to add rich text or hyperlinks. In order to create tis property a small rich text editor will be opened.
- Date: To stamp a data into your model/components.
- File: You can attach a file. For example, you might want to attach the original specifications to your model.
- Image: Just associate a picture to your model/component.
- Multiple choice: You can add many items and select them from a drop-down menu.
- Property Templates: You can also create a share Properties templates to be used by other users in your organization.

By selecting a component/supercomponent within you model, you can also add Properties to a specific item from your model.

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You can find more information and example about the Properties feature inside the Simcenter Amesim documentation.

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