Simcenter Amesim How can you trace your Simcenter Amesim model variations without using any data management tool?

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Using the Model history tool you can trace the modifications done inside your Simcenter Amesim model without need to use any data management tool.


In Simcenter Amesim there is available a function called Model history, which provides you with a simple way of listing the modifications made to a model.
The Model history pane is hidden by default, in order to active it you need to go to Edit > Show / Hide > Model history menu:

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The Model history pane can be activated and accessible from all Simcenter Amesim modes.
By clicking on “Add new revision” you can enter a new item in the model history, and you will be able to define the Author, date/time of the modification and add some comments to it.

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Once created, revisions cannot be modified/deleted.
Using Model history can help you to trace all you model’s modifications if you don’t have a data management tool available.

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