Simcenter System Architect How to use fluid/material properties in Simcenter System Architect?

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This knowledge base article explains how you need to define your fluid/material properties in Simcenter Amesim in order to able to re-use them in Simcenter System Architect


In order to define a fluid/material from your Simcenter Amesim model inside Simcenter System Architect, you need first to create global parameters with your property indexes within your Supercomponent.
Afterwards use these global parameters in their corresponding properties parameters and expose them to the Simcenter Amesim model level:

- Inside the Supercomponent:

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- At Simcenter Amesim model level:

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The indexes of fluids/materials are per definition integer parameters, so when you import the Simcenter Amesim libraries into Simcenter System Architect having Supercomponents containing integer parameters, you will be able to define these integer parameters as Material Property when extracting your instrumented models:

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After defining these parameters as Material Properties, they will automatically be moved to the Material Property Domain tab, where you can select, which physical domain they represent:

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After saving the instrumented model and assigning it to its corresponding simulation template, you can build your simulation architectures.
You will see that in your configured architectures, inside the instrumented models containing Material Property parameters, there is/are small square/s in the bottom right of the icons indicating that a fluid/material property can be assigned to it.

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In order to defined fluids/materials for your configured architectures, you just need to click somewhere in the sketch and move to the Material Properties tab, where by clicking on the “+” icon you can add your properties.
In this menu you will be able to select properties from the Simcenter Amesim fluid/material data base, give a name to them and assign different colors to each fluid/material, in order to make your architecture more understandable.
Here for example we define aluminum as thermal material and water as thermo-fluid:

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Then clicking at each single instrumented model under the Material properties tab, you can select which fluid/material you want to use from the list defined above:

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Finally, after assigning an instrumented model to each simulation template and assigning all needed fluid/material properties you are ready to start your simulation!

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