Simcenter STAR-CCM+ How to find number of parts,regions, boundaries and interfaces using macro and save the info as text file?

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There may be scenarios where we may have to know the number of geometry parts, regions, boundaries and interfaces in a sim file. If the parts are few then it will be easy to count it manually but if there are hundreds to thousands of boundaries/parts this will be very difficult to count manually. In this article we will be creating a macro that does this job automatically and writes the info into a text file.


To create a macro to count parts, regions, boundaries and interfaces follow below steps,

We are going to use collection class for our case.
Collection<GeometryPart> colParts = simulation_0.getGeometryPartManager().getLeafParts() - To collect geometry parts
Collection<Region> regionpart=simulation_0.getRegionManager().getRegions() - To collect regions
Collection<Boundary> bound=reg1.getBoundaryManager().getBoundaries() - To collect boundaries
Collection<Interface> inter=simulation_0.getInterfaceManager().getObjects() - To collect interfaces

There are two options available in this macro to view the count.
1. View the part count in STAR-CCM+ output window
2. Write the count into in a text file by specifying the file path.

In order to use the first or second method the following info need to be updated in the macro file,
User-added image
Set the savetype as 0 to view the count in STAR-CCM+ output window
Set the savetype as 1 to save the count to a text file
Also for second option update the filepath as shown in below image,
User-added image
Collect the parts for geometry using the command
Collection<GeometryPart> colParts = simulation_0.getGeometryPartManager().getLeafParts()

Create a for loop to count the number of parts one by one using the following command
User-added image
User-added image
Here we have initialized a int variable to store the number of parts count. This procedure can be repeated for others as well.

To write the count info in a text file. This can be done using try catch method
User-added image
User-added image
Find attached sim file and java file for reference

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