Simcenter 3D Solutions Assembly Label Manger for Vibro-Acoustic analysis

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When perform vibro-acoustic responses, multiple fem components (e.g. structure, acoustic, microphones…) are defined in the assembly.  Quite often there are ID (label) conflicts (for nodes, elements, properties, groups…) found among these components.  ID offsets are required in these cases.   However, the fem components are usually associated to the results files (structural response, mode set, frf set, ATV set…), offset the IDs incorrectly could lead to wrong results.  Depends on the types of result file, there are two ways to offset the labels for the components.
  1. Represent the fem components by the result files
This includes the cases to represent acoustic fem component by an ATV set or to represent the structural fem component by a Mode set. 
If acoustic component is represented by an ATV set and labels for the acoustic component are offset, an ATVBULK card for the defined offsets will be exported to the input data file.  This card reconnects the renumbered acoustic mesh to the ATV result file (op2 file).

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User-added image
Similarly, if structural component is represented by a mode set and labels for structural component are offset, Simcenter will write out a MDSBULK card for the defined offsets.

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Please note that MDSBULK card only works for sc_h5 result file.  If you have result files in other formats (op2, rst, odb…), make sure you first convert these result files to sc_h5 file format via Model and Load Pre-processing.
  1. For structural loads (op2, unv, sc_h5…) defined via Load Recipe
In this case, in the Load Recipe, structural component or afm should be selected for Assembly Component in the strategy.  If labels for structural component are renumbered, then in the Load Recipe, structural fem component (instead of afm) must be selected for Assembly Component and followed by the Autofill.

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One drawback with this approach is, the binary result file (op2, sc_h5…) associated to the renumbered structural component can only be exported out as ASCII format using the Label Matching Strategy User Defined Mapping, instead of the binary format using Defined by the File.

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For this reason, it is preferred to renumber the acoustic component instead of the structural component.

Label conflicts could be fixed automatically by select the option Automatically Resolve.  It will automatically offset the labels for the last listed component in this case.

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