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Animate a Nastran Mode Shape in Simcenter 3D


How to animate a Nastran mode shape in Simcenter 3D?


To animate the mode shape from an Nastran Output2 file (*.op2), do the following:

Import File
1. Choose “File -> Import -> Simulation”.

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2. From the import list, select “Simcenter Nastran” and press “OK”.
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3. Select the appropriate unit system that was used to make the model.  Then set the “Input File Type” to OP2 binary, select the op2 file from the folder icon, and then press “OK”.
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4. In the “New FEM and Simulation” menu and press OK. The *.fem file contains the finite element information.  The *.sim file is the simulation process to be run.
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5. The finite element model should appear on the screen.
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6. In the Simulation Navigator on the left side of the screen, open the “Results” entry and double click on the Structural result icon.
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7. After double clicking on the Structural results, the Post Processing Navigator opens.  Drill into the tree under the model name into the modes.  After reaching the “Displacement” level under the mode frequency, doubleclick on it. 
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The mode shape will be shown, but it will not be animating/moving.

In order to animate the mode, do the following:

8. Click on the “Results” tab of the ribbon and click on the “Animate” icon.
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9. In the “Animation” menu, set “Style” to “Modal” and turn on “Full-cycle”.  Press the Start button to get the animation started.
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10. The animation will continue even after pressing the “Close” button if the animation is not stopped manually.
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11. Use the green arrows in the Simcenter 3D ribbon to easily switch between the different modes.
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By clicking on a green arrow the next highest/lowest frequency mode is shown.
Rotate, Pan, and Zoom in Display

The mode shape can be rotated to be viewed from different angles and panned around.

12. Right click once (do not hold down) on the display area to get the viewing option menu.

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After selecting an option like Pan or Rotate, use the right mouse button to perform the action. There are shortcut keys, for example:
  • F5 - Refresh
  • F6 - Zoom
  • F7 - Rotate

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