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Using Simcenter Testlab Project Files in Simcenter 3D Correlation


I am using the Simcenter 3D correlation module, and want to correlate Simcenter Testlab mode shapes with Nastran mode shapes.

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But when I go to pick the test solution, it looks like only a Universal file option is available.  Universal file has several limitations – for example, no components are available.

Would like to use the Simcenter Testlab file (*.lms) file for correlation instead.  Is this possible?


In order to import Simcenter TestLab (*.lms) files, three things are needed:
  1. Simcenter3D Revision: Version 2019.1 or higher of Simcenter 3D
  2. Simcenter Testlab Active Picture Plug-in: Install the 64 bit version of the Simcenter Testlab Active Picture Revision 17.2 (this will actually read higher version Simcenter Testlab projects)
  3. Simcenter Testlab project should be prepared so it contains only geometry and mode shapes

1. Simcenter 3D Revision
  • Verify that version 2019.1 or higher of Simcenter 3D is installed.  The version can be verified after starting the software by selecting “File -> Help -> About Simcenter 3D”.
  • To get the latest version, browse to the Siemens GTAC website: and select the download area.

2. Simcenter Testlab Active Picture Plug-in
  • Next, download and install version 17.2 of the Simcenter Testlab 64 bit Active Picture Plug-in. The following revisions are compatible.  However, if following the instructions in Step 3 about deleting pictures in the project, it is possible to read newer Simcenter Testlab projects with the older Active Picture plug-in installed:
  • Simcenter 3D 2019.1 supports Active Pictures Data Plugin 17.2 (64 bit) and Testlab projects rev 17 and earlier.
  • Simcenter 3D 2019.2 supports Active Pictures Data Plugin 18.2 (64 bit) and Testlab projects rev 18 and earlier
  • (Simcenter 3D 2020.1 will support Active Pictures Data Plugin 2019.1 (64 bit) and Testlab projects  rev 2019.1 and earlier)
  • The Active Picture 64 bit plug-in can be downloaded from the following website:
  • The plug-in is about 1.7 Gigabytes and is ISO format (suitable for burning to a DVD).  Use a program like “7Zip” to extract the files and install it by running “autorun.exe”.  Be sure to install the plug-in using administrator privileges.  
  • It is necessary to install the plug-in, even if Simcenter Testlab is already installed. This is because most installations of Simcenter Testlab are 32 bit, not 64 bit.

3. Simcenter Testlab Project

A Simcenter Testlab project that contains ONLY the mode shapes and geometry helps ensure that the *.lms project file will be read.  In Simcenter Testlab, save the project to a new name (File -> Save As...).  Delete all pictures from the Navigator worksheet from all sections.

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If not planning on comparing FRF measurements, then delete the FRF data and other runs.  Leave only the processing analyses and geometry.

After deletion from the project copy, save the project again.

Using Simcenter Testlab Project in Simcenter 3D Correlation

After completing the previously outline requirements, here are the steps for reading the Simcenter Testlab project (*.lms) into Simcenter 3D.

From the Correlation toolbar, select “Test Reference”.
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In the Test Reference solution menu, select the “Solver” as “Modal Test Data”.  Under File format, switch from UNV (Universal file) to LMS (Simcenter Testlab *.lms).

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If the LMS selection is not available under File Format, the version of Simcenter 3D is probably older than 2019.1 revision.

In the lower half of the menu, select the Simcenter Testlab project file (*.lms) from the Input File area.

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The Mode Data Source should fill in automatically.

If after selecting the *.lms file the Mode Data Source stays empty, there are two possibilities.

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The two possibilities are:

· The Simcenter Testlab or Active Pictures pre-requisites were not installed properly.
· It sometimes happens that Simcenter3D cannot find the Testlab libraries, try restarting the software.

The test mode shape should be now be available for correlation analysis:
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Enjoy! Email with questions.

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