Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Speed up design exploration of a Y-junction with Simcenter Amesim, STAR-CCM+ and HEEDS

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This study aims to leverage multiple Siemens PLM solutions in order to allow you to cover your entire design workflow, from design variants to automated post-processing of results. HEEDS, Siemens PLM’s industry-leading process integration and design optimization (PIDO) tool, was used in order to automate the modification of a parametric CAD geometry in STAR-CCM+.
It was then used in order to very simply set-up a workflow involving a 1D/3D CFD coupling between Simcenter Amesim and STAR-CCM+. This co-simulation produced results which were automatically post-processed from HEEDS: 1D plots traced directly in HEEDS, and post-processing scenes created in STAR-CCM+ were automatically populated and collected in HEEDS.

This approach allows you to automate the creation, simulation and post-processing of your design configuration sets while minimizing friction and required effort on your part.

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