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The Simcenter Testlab Recording Workbook application has the following capabilities:

  • Channel Setup: Can configure transducer information for the channels on Simcenter SCADAS hardware.
  • Display: Has a viewer for a wide variety of file formats (RPC, LDSF, Universal, etc) including those acquired by SCADAS hardware.
  • Data Conversion: Write time recordings measured with the Simcenter SCADAS Recorder, SCADAS RS, or Simcenter SCADAS XS to many formats in one step: Recorder Data Conversion Tool Instructions.

Current download link (requires Support Center login):

Past versions of the Recording Workbook: With Simcenter Testlab Revision 2206 and lower, the Simcenter Testlab Recording Workbook was called the Recorder Data Conversion tool. The Recorder Data Conversion tool was only used to convert data from SCADAS file format to other file formats. The name was changed to Simcenter Testlab Recording Workbook to reflect added capabilities (data viewing and channel setup) in revisions higher than 2206. 

Past versions of the Recorder Data Conversion tool:
Other Simcenter Testlab Installation Resources:
*** Use for reading Simcenter Testlab files in Simcenter 3D, Simcenter Testlab 2306 and higher is only 64 bit

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