Simcenter Testing Solutions CTRL-PageUp or CTRL-PageDown to move between Worksheets in Simcenter Testlab

Simcenter Testlab



Want to move between Simcenter Testlab Worksheets without a mouse?

On your keyboard, press CTRL-PageUp or CTRL-PageDown to move between Simcenter Testlab (formerly called LMS Test.Lab) worksheets.


Jump between “Channel Setup” worksheet and “Calibration” worksheet with a CTRL-PageUp keystroke combination.
Also use CTRL-Home and CTRL-End to jump to first and last worksheets.


This tip can be very useful when using a screen with less than the recommended screen resolution. On the lower resolution screens, worksheets tabs can sometimes disappear. Using the keystroke combinations, you can still navigate your worksheets despite not being able to view them on the screen!


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