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Taking data on the road?

Probably a good idea to keep everything as hands-free as possible. Use these four tips to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel:

USB Remote Control

Simcenter Testlab Signature (previously known as LMS Test.Lab) has built-in support for a USB remote (Product code: SCX-RC01). Use it to initiate a measurement, accept or reject data, and to perform auto-ranging. The remote control plugs into any laptop running Simcenter Testlab Signature testing.

The Scadas remote control (SCX-RC01) in use during vehicle measurement.

After plugging the remote control into your laptop, make sure in Simcenter Testlab Signature that your activate it from the main menu by selecting “Tools -> Add-ins -> Remote Control”. Note that this remote control also works with Simcenter Test.Xpress.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Don’t have a remote? Use the keyboard on your laptop instead. In the lower right corner of Simcenter Testlab Signature testing “Measure” worksheet, there are prompts for keyboard actions for data acquisition.

To get started, press the F2 key to ARM the system.

After pressing F2, the biggest key on your laptop is all you need: the SPACEBAR. SPACEBAR will start the measurement, SPACEBAR will stop the measurement, SPACEBAR will accept data, etc.


Of course the SPACEBAR does not get all the glory! Keys like BACKSPACE are used to reject data. If you are good at taking measurements, the BACKSPACE will be a very lonely, seldom used key…


In the “Measure” worksheet of Signature testing, click on the “More…” button on the middle of the right hand side. Click on the check box next to “Automatically Accept Measurement” and press CLOSE.


Now you will NOT get an “Accept or Reject Run” message at the end of every measurement, eliminating unneeded interaction with the computer. If you need to delete data, disarm the system, and click on “Data -> Data Explorer” at the top menu. After finding the Run desired to be deleted, right click on it and choose “Delete”.


Another great setting under the “More…” button is setting the sequence length greater than the default value of “1”. For example, setting it to 10 will cause the system to take 10 acquisitions in a row.


In the upper right corner, the system will show how many runs out of 10 that you have acquired.


Combined with a trigger, you could have data taken whenever a certain condition is met. For example, if the engine rpm exceed 1000 rpm, it will automatically take data up to 10 times in a row, with no user interaction. Or when exceeding 30 kph, or vibration levels exceed 2 g's, etc.

It is also possible to trigger acquisition based on GPS location.  See the knowledge article: Data Acquisition Based on GPS Location.


Enjoy! If you have questions, email or contact Siemens Support Center.


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