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This article gathers some common issues related to compilation with Simcenter Amesim and will help you for troubleshooting.


1. The model contains interface (for example Simulink Interface):

Please check that the compiler used in Simcenter Amesim is compatible with the external tool used for interface and that the external tool is configured to use the same compiler as Simcenter Amesim.
Example with Simulink interface:
Check the compiler used in Simcenter Amesim, then check if:
a - the compiler and its version is compatible with the version of Simulink used:

b - Simulink is configured to use the correct compiler (using the command "mex -setup" in the MATLAB workspace).
More details on this topic in the dedicated FAQ I02 - What are the supported versions of MATLAB/Simulink with Simcenter Amesim? or in the related articles.

2. The model does not contains interface but contains user submodels:
Please check that the user library with the user submodels is in the path list, is up to date and that the folder with complied submodels are existing for the selected compiler in Simcenter Amesim.

3. There is a user library in the pathlist
If you have a user library in the path list, please remove it from "Sketch > Category Path List..." and try again the compilation.

4. The model is composed of standard submodels and standard libraries are in the pathlist
If you have no user library in the path list, please try to compile with the standard compiler (GNU GCC 64b if existing, otherwise GNU GCC 32b). If it work with GNU GCC but not with Visual C++, please refer to FAQ C02 - How do I use Simcenter Amesim with the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler? in Simcenter Amesim Help

If the compilation does not work with standard model and with default compiler (GNU GCC), please open a support request on the Support portal, and a local support engineer will come back to you.

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