Simcenter Amesim How can the user share large Amesim files with colleagues ?

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Tips to share large files with colleagues using purge and pack.


Purge facility is provided in Simcenter Amesim to compress the size of an Amesim file by removing some files which are not compulsory for a .ame file associated with a Simcenter Amesim system. They are files that can easily be recreated. This is very useful for example, when you want to send a big system to another user by e-mail. This can also be useful if you are going to package the files using File –> Pack.
Following are the methods to execute Purge :

I. Selective purge We recommend you perform the purge on a system that is closed because Simcenter Amesim will generate all the files again if you save the system. Follow the below steps to purge a .ame file.
  1. File –> Purge –> Selective purge
Figure 1: Selective Purge Tab through File Menu
  1. Click on the Add button if more .ame files have to be purged. A file browser appears.
Note: You can select multiple .ame files, or entire folders to purge using Ctrl+click or Shift+click
  1. Select the .ame file(s) or folder(s) you want to purge and click on Open. The selected .ame files or folders are added to the Purge tool.
  2. Use the checkboxes to select the files you want to remove and then click Purge
Note: If you do not select any files or folders in the list (deselect all the checkboxes), the size of the .ame file may nonetheless be reduced when you click Purge. This is because the purge will remove certain internal files (which will have no impact on the functioning of the model).

Recursive purge: If you select the Purge recursively checkbox, the purge tool will search through all sub-directories, and collect all circuit files for purging.

Active configuration: On the Active configuration tab, you can use the different User configurations to quickly select different sets of files to purge.
  1. File –> Purge –> Active configuration

Figure 2: Active configuration Tab with configuration options
  1. Select one of the three configurations to help you make your selection and click Close:
  • User configuration: Select the file types you wish to purge using the checkboxes.
  • All files: Selects all the checkboxes to purge all files.
  • Default (result files): Selects only result files for single, batch and experiment simulation runs.
II. Purge All Purge All is used to purge all file sets in the Active configuration tab, i.e, same functionality as the All files configuration. It is executed in Windows Explorer or in Linux.
  1. Right-click .ame file –> Purge All

Figure 3: Purge All Option & Purged File Size

In addition to Purge, the Pack feature can be used to pack up files. It is usually performed after purging the required files separately or purging them within the Pack feature windowDetailed procedure for performing Pack is already available as a knowledge article in the Siemens Support Center.

Figure 4: Purge in Model Pack Wizard

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