Simcenter Amesim How to recover a data file while is associated with your AMESIM model

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Data files associated with your AMESIM models


Some users might encounter a data file which might be associated with a certain model/plot of AMESIM but you are unable to locate it on your desktop/ server. The following steps outline how to recover/ discover the data file associated with that model.
Step 1: Pack your AMESIM model
  • Go to your AMESIM model and File-> Pack
  • Pack this model into a known directory
Step 2: Unpack this entire model
  • Unpack this model into the directory of your choice
What AMESIM does is it collects all the files associated with a model and packs it into a single file. Hence, when you unpack it in a known directory, you can find all the files associated with the model in that directory including the data files/excel sheets which you need for data import.

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