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Do you feel like it takes a lot of clicks to access a particular block in the Simcenter Testlab Navigator?

Try using List All Blocks instead!

Figure 1: Opening the “Overall level” folder requires opening the project, section, run, fixed sampling, run up, sections, and overall level folder levels… a lot of clicking!

Select a folder. Click the list all blocks button. The button looks like a magnifying glass and a green triangle. The folder selected can be any level, including project, section, run, etc.

Figure 2: Select any folder level, then press “List All Blocks”.

All of the blocks inside of the folder will be listed except for waterfall blocks.

Figure 3: All of the blocks inside of the folder are listed.

Now it is easy to grab a block from the list and plot it.

Use Filters to Sort Blocks:

It is also possible to sort the blocks using filters. These filters work very similarly to filters in Excel.

To add a filter, right click on the grey bar and click “Select Columns…”

Figure 4: Click “Select Columns…”

The Select Columns window will appear. This is where the applied filters will be chosen from.

  • The data Origin will be Testlab if you are sorting on data acquired or processed with Testlab.
  • The data Type is the type of data that you want to filter on. Generally, the most useful data types are “Run” and “Block”. These data types will allow you to sort on run and block properties.

Figure 5: The Select Columns window is where the filters are chosen from.

For example, select “Testlab” as the Origin and “Block” as the Type. Then search for “Function Class” in the “Quick find” bar. Then click the “Add to Selection” button (the triangle in the middle of the window).

NOTE: Function Class allows the user to sort on data type: whether it be an order, autopower, spectrum, overall level, time data, etc.

Figure 6: Function Class is a useful filter.

Let’s add a few more useful sorting parameters.

Add the “X Axis Unit” and “Y Axis Unit” sorting parameters.

Figure 7: Add the “X Axis Unit” and “Y Axis Unit” filters.

Now add the Run Name filter. Change the Type to “Run” and search for “Name”. Add it to the selection and then hit “OK”.

Figure 8: All of the filters are listed on the right side of the screen.

Once the filters are applied, the values will be displayed for the blocks and it is possible to filter on the parameters.

Figure 9: Filters and information for each block is displayed.

For example, the filters can be set so that the X axis unit only shows RPM and the function class is time. Only one block will remain with these parameters applied.

Figure 10: With the Function Class and X Axis Unit filters applied, only one block remains.

NOTE: When a filter is applied the filter text will turn blue.

It is possible to leave these filters on as data is pulled from different folders.

The same filters are left on and now the Order Tracking section is selected and all the blocks are listed. All of the blocks in the section that comply with the function class of time and the y-axis unit of RPM are listed.

Figure 11: All of the time blocks with the function class of time and the y-axis unit of RPM are listed.

To clear the filters, right click and select “Filter -> Show All”.

Figure 12: Choosing “Show All” will clear all of the filters.

List all blocks is a great way to eliminate folder clicking!


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