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Simcenter Testlab Scope App Favorites

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Simcenter Testlab Scope App (formerly LMS Smart Scope) is the Android Tablet Companion application for the Simcenter SCADAS XS. It is used to setup, control and analyze time file recordings acquired on the built-in mini-SD Card on the SCADAS XS.

There are a lot of cool features in Simcenter Testlab Scope App [Product code: SM-XS.01], but here are my favorites!:

1. Video!

With the 2019 Release of Simcenter Testlab and higher, video can be collected with the Simcenter Testlab Scope App!

In the template setup view, click on the Video tab (right most tab).  There the front and rear cameras of the table can be turned on with a tap.

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After the measurement is taken, use the Video tab in analysis to playback the video.

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In Simcenter Testlab Neo 2019.1 and higher, the video can be imported.  Replay of the video synced with data and sound is possible.

2. Colormaps

In the FUNCTIONS tab, click on the blue 2D/3D button to toggle between colormap and spectral data.

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Easy to view colormaps or spectrums while the test is in progress, or when analyzing data later.

3. Triggers

Trying to capture a specific event? Setup a start and/or stop trigger based on rpm, time, or level. When editing a template, setup up the trigger in the MEASUREMENT tab.


For example, setting a trigger level of 0.5 g on a vibration channel with:

  • Pre-Trigger of 2 seconds
  • Duration of 3 seconds

Results in a 5 second recording with the transient event located at exactly 2 seconds!


This is possible because the SCADAS XS maintains a constant buffer of data equal to the Pre-Trigger time.

4. Unattended Acquisition

By default, after each acquisition is finished, the user is prompted to view, analyze, or accept the data. This is a manual operation, and requires user interaction.

If no user interaction is desired, the ‘Number of Runs’ parameter can be set in the MEASUREMENT tab of the template setup. The Scope App tablet software will automatically re-arm and take data for the specified number of runs.


This can be used in conjunction with start and stop triggers. For example, data acquisition could be setup to acquire only when the rpm of an engine exceeds 1000 rpm. This can even be taken one step further: no tablet!

Let’s say a new roller coaster needs to be tested. No one is allowed to be on the coaster, because it is brand new, and does not have safety belts installed. Setup the test (with triggers if so desired), start the measurement, and exit the Scope App software (by clicking on the back arrow multiple times).


When asked ‘Close the Application: Do you want to still continue recording?’ say ‘Yes’. The SCADAS XS can go off on the roller coaster, while the test engineer stays safely on the ground.


Once the SCADAS XS returns to within Wi-Fi range (150 feet line of sight approximately), just restart Scope App to see the measurement in progress and review the data!

5. Sound Replay with Filtering

When analyzing recordings in the Measurements worksheet, they can be replayed thru the Simcenter 3D Binaural Headset (which also can be used to record).


Listening can be done in the field immediately after a recording is finished. In the replay menu, located at the bottom of the screen, different types of filters can be applied while listening.


Filters include notch, bandstop, lowpass, and highpass. This makes it easy to identify and isolate that ‘annoying’ frequency that everyone is complaining about.


Many accelerometers and microphones have an electronic chip with transducer calibration, serial number, and model number embedded into it. This Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDs) can be read by the Scope App by pressing the ‘Read TEDS’ button in channel setup.


Select the channels and press ‘Done’. This is very helpful when you have attached all your accelerometers to your test object and forgot to write down serial numbers and calibration values. No need for a flash light and magnifying glass when you can just read the numbers directly into Scope App!


Thanks for reading about my favorite Simcenter Testlab Scope App features. Next step is to import the recorded time files from the mini-SD card into Simcenter Testlab for Throughput Processing!

Download the PDF file: "Simcenter Testlab Scope App Getting Started Guide".

Note: Some of these features required Version 5 Scope App or higher.

Questions? Email or contact Siemens Support Center.

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